Emmit McHenry

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Emmit McHenry, BA '66

Emmit McHenry is an entrepreneurial company builder. From an idea he has built teams with shared vision that have resulted in innovative companies. In a career that started as an IBM Systems Engineer and moved through the ranks in Corporate America, including a stint as Assistant Dean and Instructor at Northwestern University, he became the Regional Vice President of the largest region of a Fortune 100 Company. It was here that Emmit refined his management approach, demonstrating the ability to build high performance organizations, and laid the foundation for founding his first full time entrepreneurial venture: Network Solutions. The company commercialized the TCP/IP protocol for packet switched computer network interoperability and went on to become the manager of the global route domain for Internet and the domain name register.

Mr. McHenry has been a part of founding a number of technology and non-technology focused companies. His companies have received recognition for innovation, quality service, and community involvement and advocacy from NASA, IBM, AT&T, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corp, and Government and NGO’s in the U.S. and Africa.

Personal recognitions include an Honorary Doctorate from Shaw University, the Marine Corps Sunset Parade Guest of Honor for his contributions to the Nations C4 Capacity, and the Chairman’s Award from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Foundation. Emmit is a culture adventurer having traveled extensively in Africa, Asia and Europe. He is currently CEO, in partnership with his son Kurt, of Archura, a telecommunications systems integrator, and Chairman and CEO of Defense Manufactoring. He advises company founders on team building, governance, marketing…and being.