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2014 Author's Lecture: Ari Kelman

NEW DATE! The author's schedule changed:
Now Monday, May 5th at noon!
Special Event Room
Anderson Academic Commons
2150 E Evans Ave
The University Libraries, with the Provost's Office and University of Denver Department of History, present the 2014 Author's Lecture featuring Ari Kelman,professor of History at the University of California, Davis, speaking about the Sand Creek Massacre.  DU History professor William Philpott will offer commentary in response to Professor Kelamn's presentation.  Monday, May 5th at noon - 1 pm in the Anderson Academic Commons' Special Events Room. Free but please rsvp.

For nearly a century and a half, the Sand Creek Massacre has been at the center of struggles over history and memory in the American West: from the government investigations launched in the massacre's immediate aftermath; to the controversial work of so-called Indian reformers, including Helen Hunt Jackson, writing late in the nineteenth century; to memorials erected in Colorado during the era of the Cold War; to the impact of popular histories, like Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee; to the recently opened Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. Ari Kelman, a historian at UC Davis, will discuss the meaning and impact of the longstanding fight to shape and control memories of Sand Creek.